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EPOCH is a first-of-its-kind event taking place at the ruins of a small 16th century Gothic building.


Surrounded by quiet farmlands and with no electricity, EPOCH captures the natural elements of the building's bare stone walls, the sand and the starry sky and blends them with elements of Cyprus from centuries ago, giving you a truly immersive experience! 

Join EPOCH and join a night of Old-Cyprus, playing medieval games, dancing medieval dances and feasting old local delicacies. EPOCH is a feast for the senses, a lot of fun and good for the soul!

There are limited seats for every event to ensure an intimate and fun night for your group. EPOCH is available for groups of 25 to 40 people every time.

Bring your best spirits! Bring a hearty smile! Get ready for a night to remember for the rest of your life! 


Company Groups
  • Executive groups

  • Company guests visiting Cyprus

  • Team achievements/celebrations

  • Team building

  • Brands that resonate with fun experiences

Birthdays & Private Events

Are you looking for a different way to celebrate life this year? Look no further! EPOCH will give you and your special guests something to remember fondly of for years to come.

  • Engagements (we can help you propose to your special one in the most romantic engagement ever!)

  • Anniversaries

  • Private parties & Celebrations

  • A great way to bond with your friends ad family

  • More
Travel Deeper Groups

If you are a tourist agency or a hotel valuing your customers and looking for ways to enhance the Cyprus experience for them, in order to happily return for more, contact us.


  • Sand between your toes

  • Heart-warming smiles and laughs

  • EPOCH games

  • Learning an EPOCH dance

  • Mingling and interacting

  • An intimate and joyful party

  • Lifted spirits

  •  A cool breeze (early and late in the season)

  • Plenty of photo opportunities

  • No electricity, no running water, no toilets (if you have to go, you go like people used to, centuries ago!)

  • Mediterranean hospitality